About school

Municipal state educational institution  «Boarding school» founded in September 1987 in village Pyskor  (Perm Krai)

“Pyskorsky boarding school for children  with a physical condition (intellectual violations)”

Tel/fax 8 (34244) 2-11-82.

Website: https://korrsh.ru/en

Founders: Department of education of the city of Berezniki (PermKrai)

State documents of MKOU “Pyskor Boarding School   for children  with a physical condition (intellectual violations)””

The primary general education – 4 years;

the general education – 5 years;

General education
programs of sports improving orientation: soccer – 8 years, basketball –
8 years

General education
programs of art esthetic orientation: musical steps – 5 years,
the sculptor – 6 years.

General education
programs of social pedagogical orientation Computer games – 8 years.

At school two groups function
boarding school, with a total number of 14 people.

61 persons: boys – 38, girls – 23.

Contingent of students:

Level of the primary general education – 21 persons

Level of the main secondary education – 41 persons.